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Soft beanbag made of stretchable high quality artivicial leather with millet filling. In appealing colors with a smooth grip and therefore ideal for beginners and all jugglers, who prefer to juggle with soft balls. Price per piece! Size:...
€7.68 *
Henrys Diabolo Handsticks BEACH Henrys Diabolo Handsticks BEACH
Plain handsticks made of beechwood. 1 pair, inclusive string Size: 12mm Length: 37cm Weight: 70g
€3.98 *
Henrys Beanbag 67mm, Velour (3er-Set) Henrys Beanbag 67mm, Velour (3er-Set)
This beautiful beanbag made of velvet leather has a nice grip and is very smooth in your hands. For the outdoor use remember that vevet is not too easy to clean! Perfect for indoor juggling though. Available in 1, 2 and...
€28.48 *
Henrys superior Beanbag 62 mm, Velour (Set of 3) Henrys superior Beanbag 62 mm, Velour (Set of 3)
The exclusive smooth leather-beanbag for small hands or more ball jugglers. Filled with millet, made of high quality artificial leather solidly sewed and soft to touch - brilliant for indoor juggling. For outdoor use you should keep in...
€26.48 *
Henrys Yoyo LIZARD Henrys Yoyo LIZARD
Unique shape and cool design! Plastic h ubs with starburst and big black rubber rings. AXYS-Systemaxle slider with high-speed bearing. Diameter: 62mm Weight: 48g With translucent hubs in blue, green, red, yellow and orange. Low-Price -...
€14.48 *
Henrys Diabolo Handsticks Handy Henrys Diabolo Handsticks Handy
Diabolo handsticks by HENRYs made of wood with a thick handle, ideal for adults. Cord length 1.6m. Length: 42cm Weight: 75g
€5.98 *
Henrys Diabolo JAZZ Henrys Diabolo JAZZ
The Jazz diabolo is bought a lot for kids and advanced jugglers, for whom the bigger diabolos are simply too difficult to control. With this diabolo you can also do all the tricks exactly as you would with a big one, the only difference...
€27.98 *
Henrys Diabolo JAZZ FREE Henrys Diabolo JAZZ FREE
The Diabolo Jazz with built-in Tuning-Set Free-Hub! Because of the covered bearings and free wheel this diabolo is easy to turn and has a free wheel in one direction. Thanks to the different colors of the special designed hubs the...
€38.98 *
Henrys Diabolo "Vision" Henrys Diabolo "Vision"
Big diabolo for beginners and professionals with extra-wide hubs! The Vision is therefore easier to catch than ever, and it’s more suitable for finger trick and grindings! The Vision does also remain stable on the string when played...
€29.98 *
Henrys Diabolo Handstäbe FIBER 35cm Henrys Diabolo Handstäbe FIBER 35cm
The diabolo handsticks for professionals! Diabolo handsticks made of bendable fiberglass tube. Polished precision turning workpieces at the ends prevent from string fraying. Soft handle made of light rubber, perfect balanced. Good for...
€22.28 *
Henrys Diabolo BEACH Henrys Diabolo BEACH
HENRYS inexpensive diabolo in a unique design. Since March 2014 the half-shells are made of PP (polypropylene) in transparent colors. As a result, the half-shells are softer, but above all they look better. The axle, spool, washers, nuts...
From €17.48 *
Henrys Vision-Set (incl. Alu-Handsticks) Henrys Vision-Set (incl. Alu-Handsticks)
Big diabolo set n ew now with extra-wide hubs! The set consist of a Vision diabolo and a pair of alu handsticks. The Vision is therefore easier to catch than ever, and it’s more suitable for finger tricks and grindings! The Vision does...
€41.48 *
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