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The affordable soft beanbag. This ball is filled with millet, weighs appr. 120g and is made of four parts. The four-color beanbag is red, blue, yellow, green. Due to the particularly low price, this juggling ball is particularly popular...
€3.98 *
Juggle Dream Flower Stick NEO Juggle Dream Flower Stick NEO
The Juggle Dream Neo is a super bright UV active version of the Picasso flower stick. The dimensions and weight are identical to the Picasso but with the Neo the central shaft and hand sticks (supplied) are covered with a super grippy...
€29.98 *
Juggle Dream Flower Stick PICASSO Juggle Dream Flower Stick PICASSO
True to its name, each fiberglass rod is hand painted with bright base colours overlaid with flashes of metallic colour. Both the flowerstick and handsticks (supplied) are covered with a super grippy silicon coating and capped with...
€38.98 *
LED Glow Ball LED Glow Ball
These 68mm juggling stage balls use 3 x LR44 batteries which should give four to five hours glow. Excellent light diffusion and a fantastic ball for the price. These are professionally weighted LED juggling balls. Oddballs LED juggling...
€16.98 *
LUNA - LED Diabolo LUNA - LED Diabolo
The Juggle Dream Lunar spin V2 boasts an upgraded, extra wide, metal axle which improves stability & grind times and the redesigned transparent cups maximise the effects of the LED kits. Great for night time LED antics The attached LED...
€19.98 *
SPIKE! Mastering the Kendama SPIKE! Mastering the Kendama
A wonderful learning aid for all those who don't just want to watch instruction videos from the net. All tricks are illustrated by clear illustrations and there is also an English text. The original name in Japanese with the...
€9.98 *
This book has three sections: The lessons, Multiball Inspiration and Appendix. The 16 lessons teach a course on Multiball Contact. Each lesson will help to learn a particular fundamental technique. The Inspiration section does not teach...
€22.00 *
Glow-Poi FADE Glow-Poi FADE
The fantastic Glow Poi automatically and slowly change the 7 colors. With this poi you can conjure up impressive patterns in the dark. The luminous balls are soft and have an adjustable cord and finger loops. There are 3 LR44 button cell...
€34.98 *
Glow-Socks, LED colour-change Glow-Socks, LED colour-change
White socks (100%nylon) filled with light LED balls. Perfect for impressive shows.
€36.98 *
Contact Ball Bag 70-75mm Contact Ball Bag 70-75mm
This bag will keep your acrylic-ball clean from scratches or marks, and prevents fire hazard when exposed to direct sunlight (magnifying glass effect) Color: black
€8.40 *
Contact Ball Bag 100mm Contact Ball Bag 100mm
This bag will keep your acrylic-ball clean from scratches or marks, and prevents fire hazard when exposed to direct sunlight (magnifying glass effect). This bag is for balls with a diameter up to 100mm
€8.40 *
The new game fun from France. With a little practice, the film rotates due to wind or movement on the finger. One package contains 3 different colored flypes.
€5.98 *
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