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Cobra-Poi Cobra-Poi
These poi are ideal for slightly advanced users. The balls in the poi heads are filled with plastic granulate; they enable exact play at higher speed. The fabric of the poi tails is made of ripstop material. The poi are delivered in a...
€12.98 * €14.98 *
For fire show professionals! 1.4m of 13mm Kevlar rope is braided per piece and 40cm 70mm wide Kevlar wick is attached to the lower end (no-na). Finger loops or rubber-coated balls are available. Since these props are only intended for...
€84.00 *
SCARF POI (1 Pair) SCARF POI (1 Pair)
Nice, soft and slow poi for beginners.
€18.98 *
Ball for sock-poi (110g) Ball for sock-poi (110g)
This ball is very soft and durable. It is made out of artificial leather and filled with plastic beeds.
€4.98 *
Poi Moon (nigthglow) Poi Moon (nigthglow)
This pair of poi is perfect for playing in daylight and also in the dark. You can chose between chain or chord. Price per pair.
€28.80 *
Contact Poi PRO Contact Poi PRO
Pair of CONTACT POI featuring 80mm STAGE BALL weight 150 gr. CONTACT POI represents the latest innovation in poi swinging, being perfect for isolations, throws and body rolling. The SILICONE knob used on our PRO version has a fantastic...
€29.98 *
Brasil Slim POI-FLAGS Brasil Slim POI-FLAGS
The Slimpoi series was developed by European designers and is handmade in Brazil. Each flagpoi can be equipped with an individual weight. The Poi is delivered with a 110g sandbag. All flags are equipped with a sturdy hinge and come in a...
€21.98 *
Play FIRE POI 70mm Play FIRE POI 70mm
Only 50 cm of KEVLAR® wick rolled up in a "S", as shown in the instructional pictures, to get great fuel absorption for long burning time. A metal clip is used to safely secure the wick to a lasercut steel profile. It's a simple, safe...
€39.98 *
Henrys FIRE POI (1Stk.) Henrys FIRE POI (1Stk.)
Attention: The HENRYS parts are sold per piece and not per pair! Fire poi with leather wrist strap, chain and asbestos-free wick for effective fire shows! You can also attach an intermediate piece (Art.No. 123FPZ) to let 2 flames roar...
€33.48 *
KiwiDo (pair) KiwiDo (pair)
The KiwiDo-Poi are classic soft beginners-poi.
€26.48 *
Glow-Poi FADE Glow-Poi FADE
The fantastic Glow Poi automatically and slowly change the 7 colors. With this poi you can conjure up impressive patterns in the dark. The luminous balls are soft and have an adjustable cord and finger loops. There are 3 LR44 button cell...
€34.98 *
MIKIDO Poi (1 Paar) MIKIDO Poi (1 Paar)
Mikido ist die Junior Version von Kiwido für Kinder bis ca. 8 Jahre. Kürzere Schwänze und leichtere, weiche Körper machen das Schwingen einfach und sicher, die Grundformen der Kiwido-Technik lernen so schon kleinste Kindern.
€14.48 *
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