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For fire show professionals! 1.4m of 13mm Kevlar rope is braided per piece and 40cm 70mm wide Kevlar wick is attached to the lower end (no-na). Finger loops or rubber-coated balls are available. Since these props are only intended for...
€84.00 *
Play FIRE POI 70mm Play FIRE POI 70mm
Only 50 cm of KEVLAR® wick rolled up in a "S", as shown in the instructional pictures, to get great fuel absorption for long burning time. A metal clip is used to safely secure the wick to a lasercut steel profile. It's a simple, safe...
€39.98 *
Additional Fire-Poi Head Additional Fire-Poi Head
This pice of a fire-poi-head can be easily attached to your HENRYS fire-poi. So you will have two flames on each poi and that will be very, very impressive. For fire artists only!
€29.15 *
Henrys FIRE POI (1Stk.) Henrys FIRE POI (1Stk.)
Attention: The HENRYS parts are sold per piece and not per pair! Fire poi with leather wrist strap, chain and asbestos-free wick for effective fire shows! You can also attach an intermediate piece (Art.No. 123FPZ) to let 2 flames roar...
€33.48 *
Fire Wings (1 pair) Fire Wings (1 pair)
Fire equipment for the very experienced, professional fire-artist. Big flames will be very impressive to any audience.
€66.00 *